Bialetti Mini Express Arte Kandinsky Kawiarka na 2 filiżanki



The Bialetti moka pots of the „Mini Express” line are designed for those who want to brew and drink their coffee in style. As you prepare a cup of gorgeous coffee, you can observe it flowing elegantly into the beautifully adorned cups. Using the convenient and stylish handle with the Bialetti logo, you can take the pot off the heat with ease. Drinking coffee from the ornate cups is made even more pleasant by the fact that they remain warm once the coffees been brewed (this is because the aluminum base of the pot heats them).Using this moka pot, youll be able to brew 90 ml (or 2 espresso cups) of coffee at a time.As far back as 1933, „Bialetti” created the worlds first moka pot, which quickly turned into the central symbol of early Italian mornings and became extremely popular all over the world. A moka pot will allow you to brew coffee quickly and with extreme ease: in just a few minutes, the wonderful aroma of coffee will envelop your house and the perfect cup will be waiting for you to enjoy it.How to brew coffee in a moka pot?1. Fill the bottom chamber with water at room temperature (up to the pots safety valve).2. Choose your favourite ground coffee (recommended grind level: ground specially for a moka pot and never too fine!). Generously fill the filter of the pot with coffee, but make sure not to press it. 3. Place the moka pot on the stove (the handle should be kept further away from the heat source). Set heat to low – waiting for a few more minutes is definitely worth the resulting flavour. Once the upper chamber is filled with coffee, turn off the heat. 4. Now, on to the most important stage – tasting! Your coffee will be even more delicious if you drink it right away.- Not dishwasher-safe- Not suitable for induction hobs.

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